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Okay, over the past month alone, we lost ten members. Earlier we lost a more prominent member since she closed her DA account. It is clear that our group icon and description needs to be edited so that it is obviously LiloxStitch romance. I say this because many Stilo haters join the group thinking it is just another Lilo & Stitch group, then high tail it out of here when they realized it supports their romance. On another count, we need more activity in this group. I suggest that the more popular LiloxStitch fans, such as LiloExp626, posts some of their most popular pics and stories that are already well loved. Also members of our group who as written good stories, but only posted on should also repost them on DA and here as well. That may be the only way to save our group. Also it may be a good idea down the road to start a new LiloxStitch Proboards forum so we can expand the group beyond DeviantArt.

Also the blog section of our group IS NOT for posting stories except for small story excerpts (previews), which SHOULD NOT include mature situations. Such blogs may be another reason people are leaving our group cause they are getting the wrong idea. So anyone who posts such a blog will be banned or suspended from our group.

If anyone else has any ideas on supporting L/S and saving our group, please don't hesitate to reply to this blog, post another blog, and/or send me or one of the other admins a note.

Aloha For Now!
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Submitted on
July 11, 2011